About Us

Woodpecker Apartments & Suites is a unit of Ivory Mart and Indian Handicrafts Emporium, a well -known retail chain founded in early 20th century. IHE is a 200 years old award winning establishment where descendants of legendary indian craftsmen have been applying their skills to create some of the country's finest examples of the objects d'art.

Delhi has always been a popular tourist destination and there has been a remarkable growth in the tourism industry every year. This growth has led to a rise in the requirement of hotels in Delhi. To address this requirement, we started a chain of Serviced Apartments and guest houses to provide budget accommodation.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments are fully furnished apartments which provide all basic amenities to give the tourists a homely feel during their stay.

Serviced apartments can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms and prove as a suitable choice amongst tourists. The benefits of serviced apartments may include more space and privacy, convenience when traveling with family and the cost savings associated with cooking one's own meals in the apartment. At Woodpecker Apartments and Suites, the guests are provided luxurious, yet affordable lodging in Delhi.

Bed & Breakfast

We provide Bed & Breakfast services, wherein the guest can have a comfortable overnight stay and start his day with a warm home cooked meal. These services are ideal for corporate travellers and those planning a short stay.

With its aim of customer satisfaction, Woodpecker has become a preferred choice for stay attracting domestic and international tourists for the past few years. With the backing of a strong and repeat customer base, Woodpecker has grown to many properties across Delhi & NCR. It is professionally managed with the support of dedicated staff and personnel.

We welcome you to have a pleasurable and comfortable stay with us.